Branding Yourself Online in Network Marketing

Branding yourself online in MLMAre you a network marketer who is not branding yourself? You won’t find that in your company’s training manual but you definitely should pay attention to it.

I know a lot of network marketers that are all out there building a brand. It’s just not theirs! They are building the company brand and not their own.

Maybe they think that if others see the company to which they are affiliated, they will be more attracted to join with them. That is absolutely not true!

Heck I even see network marketers that brand their own Facebook Pages with the company and not themselves. OK, this is a big no-no and I am going to explain why you need to be branding YOU!

What is Branding Yourself All About?

If you’ve been hollering about your company products and using their name in all your promotions, how successful have you been with your business?

Be honest. If you are not branding yourself, what would happen if you decide to leave that network marketing company for another? You would be stuck!

Here are some tips to show you why you are the brand and not the company you work with.

The network marketing company or you? There are thousands of distributors selling the same products as you. Now let’s say that they all brand the company. Why would someone buy from you instead of the other thousands of people that sell the same product and branded themselves the exact same way?

Without branding yourself, you are just one in a sea of many copycats who have not set themselves apart in any way.

By branding yourself online, you can set yourself apart and provide value to people. Earn the trust of others and build relationships. That is the real key to finding people to show your products or opportunity.

You want to become that trusted brand.

Another point is that if you were to leave the company, you are leaving your brand behind. Because it goes where you go!

Another great reason not to spend all your time promoting your business or products instead of you is that you miss on many people.

Here’s what I mean. People already know what you do before they even get to know you. Of course they will Googling the company you are with to find out all everything about it. They’ll make a decision that has nothing to do with you, because you did not even give them a chance to build a relationship. They will move on.

Be the brand that people know and trust. That is the key to success in network marketing.

What are your thoughts about branding yourself online? Leave a comment.

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  1. says

    Hi Lisa,

    I agree, it makes no sense to brand a company that is not your own.
    Once I learned about branding “me” instead of a company, my business has taken off.

    Using my blog for branding has not only been rewarding, by helping others, it has been
    a tremendous lead generating source. It all comes down to positioning, when you brand yourself,
    you become a leader. People are attracted to leaders.

    Great stuff as always!
    Thanks Lisa

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by, Richard! I appreciate your comment. Your blog provides awesome value. Nice work positioning yourself as a leader!
      Thanks again

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