Does Network Marketing Work?

Does Network Marketing Work?You are probably wondering, “Does network marketing work?” If it does, why do so many people fail?

It’s crazy that I would open up this blog post with such a negative statement. But stick with me and I’ll explain.

Before we get into that, let’s agree that network marketing is a better way. Better than what? Well, it’s better than working over 40 years to make someone else wealthy, while they determine your worth and your schedule. It’s better than letting others determine your path in life at all.

I used to dislike having to ask permission to take a vacation or a couple of hours to get to one of my kid events. Does that type of lifestyle work? Nope, not for me! So let’s explore the question of “does network marketing work.?”

Any network marketing opportunity can and does create freedom in the lives of people who are willing to work for it. It is what I like to call the “better way model.”

Does Network Marketing Work to Earn Time and Money Freedom?

The first point for everyone to realize is that there are other ways to make money – not just getting some type of 9 to 5 job. The moment you realize that fact, life changes!

Instead of asking, does network marketing work? The real question is, will you do what it takes to make it work for you?

At the start, I mentioned that many people fail. But that is simple not true. The truth is that most people do not succeed because they did not follow the plan, the system and did not put the work in.

Network marketing does work and it isn’t really complicated. In fact, it’s the simplest business model ever! So let’s take a look at the three primary elements of your network marketing business:

  • Company products. Everyone in a particular company has the same products. If other’s are successful in sharing and selling those products, that means it’s do-able.
  • Compensation plan. Look around. Some people are making oodles of money in any given network marketing company. Just look at all the network marketing success stories. That tells me the compensation plan works.
  • YOU. The most important element is YOU. Everyone has the same products and compensation plan, the same system and training. The only variable is you. That means that you are the only variable that determines your success or failure.

So, does network marketing work? You tell me. If others are doing it and are successful, then it certainly does work.

I am thankful for network marketing. Setting myself free was the best thing I ever did. My only regret is not doing it sooner. Life is about making choices.

Make a decision to change your life and help change the lives of others!

How can network marketing work in your life? Let’s have a conversation – contact me.

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    Yes, I consider that network marketing does work, although you do need to choose your company carefully. You absolutely need to love the products that you are promoting and be prepared to talk about them and demonstrate them to anyone at any time, without being in the least bit embarrassed about this. However you also need to know when people are really interested and know when to back off, as there is nothing worse than a ranting network marketer who carries on spouting after you have told them you are not interested.
    the other thing i would suggest is to get in on an opportunity where there are not too many reps in your area already – if you can get in at the top you stand a much better chance of building a good income than if you start when everyone has laready heard about it
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